The Marra Team are delighted to announce that we are still going to produce an Opening Ceremony as part of the ‘It’s Virtually Marra’ weekend. This is something that you can get involved with. We have chosen three songs to put together into a section of our opening ceremony. 

To take part, you will need a video recording device, a set of headphones, and a device to listen to the track on. 

After that, it couldn’t be simpler. Make your recording / recordings (you’re welcome to record for some or all of the tracks!) and then send them on to us. Two of the tracks are embedded into the lyrics, but the track for the third song has been attached as the lyrics are over three pages.

Please only video your vocals – we have backing tracks to mix your awesome voices to. Where there are harmonies / separate parts, you’re very welcome to sing them – but please choose a part rather than trying to sing all of them.

If you are not comfortable doing a video, then you can send us audio only of your singing for us to use instead.

At the start of each recording there are 8 clicks to give you time to get ready. Please look directly into the camera before you start singing so that we have an indicator of you starting. At the end of “Hey, Brother” and “Best Day of My Life” recording, please look straight ahead, and at the end of You Will Be Found, please bow your head.Each time, please count to 5 to give us a little bit of editing room at the end of each song.
Competed entries to be sent to by Wednesday 13th May

This will give us time to edit the songs and produce the video ready for the opening ceremony. 
Thanks for agreeing to be part of the Virtually Marra Opening Ceremony and for getting involved and being such an important part of this event.

Thank you, 
The Marra Team

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