Welcome to the Craft Tent – Paracord, we have a selection of different videos for you to enjoy over the weekend. Maybe you can even get the rest of your family involved.

There are a few activities that need adult assistance, so please ask for them to help you.

If you have any crafts that you would like to share please email them to: info@marracamp.org.uk

Here are a couple of suggestions of places that you can get para cord kits form. Also you can use rope, cord, string, shoelaces and ribbons for example to complete these exercises until you can get the para cord.

7 pcs Paracord Cord Parachute Rainbow Rope 10 Feet long

6 Wristband Paracord Parachute Lanyard Cord 6 Clips Assorted Colours

Virtual Marra have no connection with these above suppliers and all orders placed are supplied directly by the merchant. We cant help with the purchases via these links and they are there as examples only.

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