Welcome to the Craft Tent, we have a selection of different crafts for you to enjoy over the weekend. There are videos and downloadable instruction, why not try a few? Maybe you can even get the rest of your family involved.

There are a few activities that need adult assistance, so please ask for them to help you.

If you any crafts that you would like to share please email them to: info@marracamp.org.uk

Do you want to create your own Marra Mask? Design your own badge? The Craft Tent is the place to be to let your creative ideas become reality!

Join Helen Hooper to crochet the COVID-19 model

Follow the Links below to take you to the right pages

Follow this link to go to Craft Activites

Follow this link to go to Paracord Crafts

Follow this link to go to Paper Models

Follow this link to go to Ikea Forts

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