Timestep Activity Centre

Welcoming Timestep Activity Centre – providing: Archery, Crossbows, Airgun & Field Combat Laser

Mountain Boarding

Riding on a crest of a ‘hill’… Test your balance and endurance with having a go of a Mountain Board!

Quad Bikes

Returning to Marra once again are the Quads for 10-and-a-half+

Have you got the need for speed?


Take aim as Catapults are in town … Test your shot against a tin can alley

Dance Workshops!

Dancing their way into Marra 2020… Timestep Dance Academy with Dance Workshops and an Airtrack to learn acrobatic/gymnastic tricks!

Flying Trapeze!

Fly into Marra in Style! The Flying Trapeze!

Silent Disco

Returning for Carnival Marra… The Silent Disco!

Laser Battle Zone

A wide range of obstacles provides a battle arena that can be set-up either indoors or outdoors. For team or individual competition! In fact, it’s great for anyone who wants to do battle with friends!


Up to 8 players can compete at any one time. Contestants jump or duck the rotating beam whilst remaining on their podium. The longer the game goes on, the harder the competition gets as the speed begins to increase.

Rodeo Banana

See if you can stay on the longest with our rodeo banana! Watch out as it bucks and spins. 

Pirate Ship

Pirate Ship Assault Course is suitable for all ages! The obstacles include: tunnels, bish bash, hanging bish bash, x’s, climbing wall, beams, slide and much more besides!.

Unclimbable Ladder

Try to climb the steep rope ladder faster than your opponent to ring the bell. However, these ladders move, twist and wobble as you attempt to reach the top!

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